Wednesday, March 30, 2011

top ten signs that it might possibly almost be spring in thunder bay

i don't want to jinx anything you guys, cause we might get 15 inches of snow this weekend (btw, environment canada says on friday it's going to be +3 and rain, but on saturday it's going to be +6 and snow. how does that work again?) but there are a few signs, around our house anyway, that spring might actually be coming this year (and believe me, there were times that i thought maybe this was it, the never ending winter. but that could just be because i'm re-reading a game of thrones and feeling particularly apocalyptic). but, take note:
  1. in the morning, my car starts on the first try
  2. i no longer hear the sound of snowmobiles ripping up and down the trails late into the night
  3. when we came back from walking in the woods the other day, riley's fur was covered in mud instead of ice balls
  4. the thought of leaving the house at night does not make me want to cry
  5. the windows are open and i'm not about to die of hypothermia
  6. i can see all the pine cones on our front lawn that i didn't pick up last fall
  7. i no longer crave beef stew and macaroni and cheese (okay, fine. maybe macaroni and cheese)
  8. i've been wearing my new wedges around the house
  9. i'm pretty sure someone had a bonfire the other day
  10. people have started talking about gardens in casual conversation (not me, mind you. but people)


  1. I felt apocalyptic this winter too. But that's over. (In northern Alberta though, I still can't see my front lawn!)

  2. I thought only in my country still snowing, but it seems that neither of you did not come Spring...hope you will see the sun soon.