Monday, February 14, 2011

top fifteen quotes from the westminster dog show commentators

i'm pretty sure that fred willard is secretly their colour man.
  1. "this is known as a head breed. a lot of toy dogs can be described as a head breed."
  2. "that is a springy little gait, isn't it?"
  3. "look at its face. its supposed to have a distinct oriental expression."
  4. "they are quiet, affectionate gremlins."
  5. "how much of that six pounds is fur?"
  6. "it's like living with a two year old toddler forever."
  7. "the one word description that comes out the most often about the pomeranian is 'cocky.'"
  8. "poodles come in three sizes... one to fit everybody!"
  9. "there it is! i call it the 'pug mug.'"
  10. "i say it all the time, the shih tzus are the kings of the sidewalks of new york city. they're not just hair and glitz."
  11. "did it used to have a tail?" "no." "it never had a tail?" "it never had a tail."
  12. "it's one of those dogs they say needs a smart human."
  13. "the yorkshire terrier was bred by workers in york to guard their lunch bags from the rats."
  14. "it's best that if you have this dog, you also have a lot of sheep."
  15. "he loves to watch tv and eat popcorn. he'd fit right in at my house!"
(yes, i am aware it is valentine's day. i got fifteen hello kitty valentines this morning! then we ate homemade cheeseburgers and poutine and jalapeno poppers and watched cop out, because nothing says "i love you" like fatty foods and tracy morgan. now i am watching the westminster dog show and cory is playing video games. what? it's totally romantic in an "i'm sick" kind of way (also, i typed "i'm sick" as "i'm suck" three times in a row before i got it right. so either the cough syrup is going to my brain or i subconsciously think i am a sucky valentine (i'm going to say the cough syrup, because hello did i mention the homemade poutine?!)))


    1. It's Westminster Doggy Time? Damn it. I am an unapologetic cat guy but I love that dog show. Sometime a pug will be best in show and that will usher us into a new golden age of humanity. I know. I saw it during my vision quest.

    2. heather Davis-FischFebruary 15, 2011 at 3:24 PM

      our valentines day date was TOTALLY watching the dog show. i think it's romantic.

    3. I was pretty bummed about the beagle coming in second in her class, but that little 360 pomeranian spin almost made up for it.

      Kal, you should have seen this pug! He really could have taken over the world.

      Heather, I'm sure that was the best birthday present Briscoe ever could have received. Riley was totally enraptured (enraptured? is that a word? Spellcheck says it is, but my intuition says it isn't. Although you could probably replace "intuition" there with "cold medication.")