Sunday, February 13, 2011

top ten possible reasons i am sick right now

  1. because i have too much stuff to do.
  2. because i went tubing yesterday at loch lomond and got snow all down my back (and also had a pretty spectacular wipeout, which resulted in snow pretty much everywhere).
  3. because cory just bought me a heated back massager chair thingie and my body has gone soft.
  4. because the universe wanted me to be sitting inside on my heated back massager chair thingie at the perfect angle to watch two squirrels playing in the trees outside my window (although now that i'm watching them more closely, maybe "playing" isn't exactly what they are doing.)
  5. because the weather just warmed up and i would kind of rather be at the rink with riley.
  6. because there wasn't enough vegetables in the mac and cheese i made for dinner last night.
  7. because i ate from the salad bar at the prospector, and someone had just sneezed all over the baby corn.
  8. because, in an effort to conserve hand sani, i now only use it after every second customer.
  9. because subconsciously i just wanted to stay home and spend time with my new blackberry.
  10. because i bragged way too much over the holiday season about how i have a super awesome immune system and never ever get sick. karma really is a bitch.


  1. All good reasons. You should follow up with a top 10 of motivations for getting better.

  2. Number eight still sounds like waaaay too much hand sanitizer. Your immune system is like a sports team: if it doesn't get some practice it will fall flat on its ass come time for the big game. Excessive washing of hands/use of antibacterial soap/purell/etc will make you *more* vulnerable to illness, not less.

  3. Damn those baby corn. If I had a nickle for every sick person who started a sentence with..."I just ate some baby corn at a public salad bar" I would be a wealthy man. They are a a public threat as great as the dreaded octopus. That is why I always go for the snow peas. They are righteous and pure.

  4. TS: that is a great idea. In fact, I actually made that list, and for like three days I though I had posted it, and then it turned out that it actually only ever existed in my head. Blame the drugs.

    August: Don't worry, I make up for it by never ever washing my hands. Okay, that was a joke. And not really funny, even. And I logically know that my hand sani obsession at work is probably the cause of my current dilemma. But PEOPLE ARE JUST SO GROSS. Present company excluded, of course.

    Kal: Just wait for the day the octopi and the baby corn team up. Then we're all doomed.