Friday, March 19, 2010

how to win a million dollars on wheel of fortune

  1. get on wheel of fortune.
  2. spin the wheel and land on the million dollar wedge, which they haul out for only one round per episode.

    see it there? that little tiny sliver in the middle of the bankrupt wedge? yeah.
  3. solve the puzzle. this shouldn't be the hard part, given your competition.
  4. win the game and make it to the bonus round.
  5. spin the bonus wheel and land on the million dollar wedge.
  6. win the bonus round.
  7. defy gravity, cure cancer, and find a boyfriend for jennifer aniston.
*ffs. someone actually did it!

i hate her


  1. K...I hate that show. Not because it's stupid but because it makes me FEEL stupid. And when 'Wheel of Fortune' makes a person feel stupid I am one step away from chasing that ball across the street repeatedly hoping to be hit by the cars.

  2. Don't feel bad Kal, my problem with the show is that most people on it aren't any good.

    Seriously people, if you're down to a couple letters left and they're vowels, why would you buy?! That just wastes money!

  3. I know the dude who built the current wheel (long story), and if you can actually get on Wheel of Fortune, I will see if he can employ some TV Magic on your behalf.

    I can also help you with that whole Jennifer Anniston needs a boyfriend thing. I would be a model Celebrity Slacker Boyfriend. (Or is it Slacker Celebrity Boyfriend? I can't be bothered to look it up. See how good at that I would be?) Seriously, it's a job I think I could do.

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