Thursday, February 11, 2010

a list of things related to this photograph


  1. you might think that this picture indicates that i haven't been doing very well on my new year's resolution. but this time last year, that score would have been doubled! i think all things considered, i'm doing pretty well.
  2. i have seriously been facing this kind of adversity for years. some people might say that's pathetic; i say it shows tenacity! also, scrappiness.
  3. i do need to stop playing the penguins. my boys deserve better. i hate hearing the announcer saying stuff like "too bad fleury can't score goals for them, too." i should be playing some team i totally hate.
  4. i also had to stop playing the home team. it's so hard to disappoint all those little xbox peeps in the crowd.
  5. i'm pretty sure cory cheats. just saying.

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