Thursday, December 3, 2009

things i love about thunder bay right now

i am so happy to be here, you don't even know. here are some of the reasons why.
  1. the scan, and the woman whose sole job it is to refill your coffee every two minutes.
  2. riley -- even when she's puking garbage.
  3. watching a bunch of deer walk by the window and being the only person who gets even remotely excited about it.
  4. going from indian summer in toronto to a winter wonderland in less than two hours on a plane (also, landing at the airport in a snowstorm!)
  5. wearing ugly purple sorels 5 sizes too big for me and still feeling super sexy.
  6. reese's peanut butter cup ice cream on sale at a&p.
  7. the fact that everyone calls it a&p even though it's been metro for months.
  8. marjorie dowhos and barry third.
  9. the fact that everyone's house i go to has my book sitting on a table somewhere.
  10. two words: memory foam.

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