Friday, December 18, 2009

three early christmas presents!

  1. my very own hockey stick - so we've been going to the rink quite a bit (especially since it's been up to, like, -10 degrees instead of -1500) and i've been complaining cause all of cory's sticks are wrong-handed for me. so now i have my very own, complete with pink hockey tape! you should see my laser slapshot now.

    check out the sexy sorels!

    two awesome things about this stick: a) it's an ovechkin stick. let me tell you how i feel about ovechkin. i hate him. i hate him so much with his stupid tousle-y hair and his stupid nhl 2k10 cover and his stupid calder trophy and everyone thinking he is soooo much cooler than crosby. i mean, the guy can't even use a vending machine. it kind of gave me a little satisfaction to wrap his stick up with pink tape. b) cory bought the stick the other day while i was at old navy, and it wouldn't fit in the trunk so he just tossed it in the back seat with the other hockey sticks and we drove around like that for days without me even noticing. this is why i'm a writer, people: my astounding powers of observation.

    riley might be little, but she plays pretty good d.

  2. a snuggie - this is one of those things where the commercial would come on tv and i'd be totally laughing at it, but deep down i really wanted one. you've gotta admit, snuggies look kind of amazing, but those commercials are damn stupid.

    oh, those slippery, slidey blankets!

    anyway, at early christmas this year, cory's awesome aunt and uncle gave me one! the problem was, this one was a little different than the one in the commercial in that it has snaps and actually unsnaps into, like, just one big awesome cream coloured blanket, and when i took it out of the packaging i unsnapped them all without considering how to get it back together. i swear it was just like trying to fold up one of those stupid giant road maps! five university degrees between the two of us and nothing. eventually we sort of maybe kind of figured it out... it has sleeves and a v in front like the picture, but there's a bit of a gap right in the front, and i can't really move my arms away from my body at all. but it's totally warm and cozy! although i still don't think i'll be wearing it out to the movies any time soon.

    i am so cozy in this picture, you don't even know.

  3. scratch-and-win tickets - they're totally the gift that keeps on giving!

    i have a thing about scratching all the scratchy stuff off of the entire square - are you totally super surprised by this?

    see? we totally won $4 on this ticket, which i will use to get two more tickets, and one of those will surely win us at least another $10 (it's the odds, right?!) with which we will buy 5 more tickets, and so on and so forth until we eventually win the $35,000 and retire to disneyworld! it's a foolproof plan, right? right?

anyway, yay, christmas! let's make it last at least a week or two.

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